ABOUT Stamp Act Coffee


We believe that the best way to bring people together is through coffee, and if you’re a history buff, you know that drinking coffee has been a symbol of unity in this country since before its declaration. The Stamp Act was one of the taxes imposed on the American colonies, and one of the key catalysts that led to our revolution from Great Britain…a revolution that included kicking tea to the curb and embracing coffee as our national drink of choice.

We believe that the notion of coffee being a community builder is more relevant today than ever. Whether you’re from the beaches of Miami, the Fort Worth stockyards or America’s heartlands, you probably love coffee, or are at least surrounded by a ton of people who do. It brings neighbors together in cafés and circles workers up in the early mornings. It’s a common thread that reaches each part of this country no matter who you are or where you’ve come from.

Stamp Act Coffee was founded in 2018 by Andrew Kent. A Seattle local who’s spent time on all sides of the coffee industry: he worked, and lived, with coffee growers in Ethiopia, created a roasting company in Singapore and worked for years in Australia honing his skills on the perfect flat white.

Throughout his travels, Andrew's dream was simple: return to Seattle and introduce his overseas experience to the local coffee scene. “We import our green coffee thoughtfully, focusing on quality and building upon the relationships we’ve nurtured across the world. We roast a lighter profile with a love of espresso and milk-based drinks”. He describes his offerings as a range of "delicate and vibrant" single origins, along with seasonal blends that are meant to make you happy no matter how you take your coffee".

We'll share one more fun fact about Stamp Act Coffee. The logo is based on a colonial-era illustration by Benjamin Franklin, showing the original colonies united as a single snake. In Stamp Act’s version, and as a nod to Andrew’s hometown, the abbreviations of the colonies are replaced by the abbreviations for the seven hills of Seattle. Can you name all seven?



Roasting & Shipping

Our goal is to ship your orders as quickly as possible. We roast every Monday, Tuesday & Thursday. Orders placed by 5:00 p.m. PST the day before a roast will be guaranteed to ship the following day.

We occasionally adjust roast days based on holiday schedules. All USA orders over $50 receives free shipping.