Woodland Coffee - A Dream, A Throwback

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If you look up Ballard on Google, the first description that pops up is “a hip waterfront neighborhood with trendy restaurants, indie shops, bars and craft breweries.” For those of us who were born and raised here, it’s still hard to grasp the changes that this historic part of Seattle has went through. Gone are the days where dusty dive bars are planted on every corner or the generations of fisherman finishing up their days inside of them. Whether nostalgia for that time pulls at your heart strings or not, what you can’t deny is that a new surge of ideas and innovation has arrived making Ballard one of the premier destinations in Seattle.

With these changes has brought a fresh approach to old ideas and a new generation to launch them. Woodland Coffee is tucked away into a part of Ballard fast becoming the ideal location to meet up for a coffee or a beer. It’s been a family dream come to fruition since the launch in 2016. Back in the 80’s and 90’s, it was a family ritual to grab a delicious cuppa, head over to Woodland Park and get extra muddy with the pups. It’s these traditions that drove the family to allot a space in their StudioWorks building, where small business meets big community, for an old dream to take shape.
 Today, the café is run by the youngest of the fam (Vanessa Daiger) who wants everyone to experience the feeling of a good old 90s coffee shop, minus the coaches and burnt coffee. Pop down for a range of delicious espresso drinks and some single origin drips from Stamp Act Coffee. It’s also where customers can pick-up their Stamp Act orders if the caffeine urgency is real and waiting for a mail shipment is not an option.
There’s a sense of community at Woodland that’s hard to put your finger on. Perhaps it’s the friendly baristas, it might be the fact that it’s the local for all the new entrepreneurs in the area or maybe it’s a throwback of that old Ballard we remember and sometimes miss. Either way, we’re stoked to work with this team and encourage any and all in the neighborhood to stop by for a cup.

Enjoy y’all!!


Woodland Coffee

1417 NW 54th St #101, 

Seattle, WA 98107



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